Puku Ridge

DetailsBook NowDetails Puku Ridge Camp (which has just been totally refurbished) is built on a hillside, providing excellent views of the floodplain and the wildlife that frequents it. The Camp is named for the Puku antelope that inhabits the Kakumbi Dambo (floodplain), which the camp overlooks. This is a small and intimate camp, with only 6 tents. Accommodation... Read More

Mwamba Bush Camp

DetailsBook NowDetails Set on the banks of the Mwamba River, a tributary of the Luangwa, Mwamba Bush Camp enjoys the shade of massive ebony trees, and looks out over perennial water-holes..Notwithstanding Kaingo Camp,  Bush Camp, giving a chance to investigate the recreation center's heartland. Brilliantly remote and serene, the site is a casual 3-hour bushwalk... Read More


DetailsBook NowDetails Kaingo overlooks the Luangwa River, in the South Luangwa National Park itself, and enjoys an area of great beauty, and varied terrain.The Lodge offers stylish design, allied with a practical layout. The large centrally located open-sided sitting room includes dining area, library and Kaingo's renowned leadwood bar. Accommodation is in 6 brick and thatch chalets (2... Read More