Elephants Trails
Elephants Trails

In light of the growing doubts and concerns about the ethics of elephant back trails and in keeping with our desire to be at the forefront of responsible tourism in Zambia, Zambia Tourism will no longer be promoting elephant back trails or similar elephant interactions on our site. After some discussion, we have decided that all promotional information and listings for operators offering these kinds of activities should be removed from this page.

Note: Zambiatourism.com is privately owned, funded and managed by AfricaInSites.com and Biggestleaf.com and our stance on this matter may not reflect the views of the Zambia Tourism Board.

Zambia Tourism suggests that anyone interested in booking any kind of animal encounters activities during their stay in Zambia (including volunteering) first do substantial research into the some of the doubts and concerns that have been raised about such activities, both in Zambia and elsewhere. The following articles might serve as a starting point with regards to elephant encounters:

Suffering for sale: how tourism tramples ethics

Elephant rides dropped over welfare fears 

Elephant Tourism Under Fire as Handler Dies


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