Tena Tena Camp


Tena Tena Camp

Tena Tena Camp is synonymous with Robin Pope Safaris as it was their first camp and has become a favourite amongst many safari lovers over the years.


The South Luangwa National Park marks the end of the Great Rift Valley, one of the last remaining unspoilt wilderness areas and possibly the finest wildlife sanctuary in Africa – a claim which is not an overstatement.

Situated in the exclusive Nsefu Sector Tena Tena sits nestled under a magnificent and thick grove of mahogany trees. On a double tiered river bank each room enjoys its own private view onto a long stretch of the Luangwa River. It is sandwiched between the river and a complex lagoon system under a magnificent mahogany grove and is a magnet for wildlife and you do not need to go far for some incredible sightings. The camp is small and intimate with a maximum of twelve guests and is run by an experienced team whom are all passionate about their jobs and the level of service that they and the camp provide for the guests.


  • En suite
  • Evening Breeze Air Conditioning
  • Viewing hide
  • Plunge Pool
  • No WiFi
  • Limited phone reception
  • Laundry service

The six tents are very private with plenty of space between them and each with its own window onto a magnificent stretch of the Luangwa River where the hippos wallow and the lions roam. The en-suite bathrooms are spacious and open to the elements, designed to copy nature with curved walls around the trees and simple subtle colours and a view from every facility. Each tent is specifically located to maximize privacy both in the rooms, bathrooms and on the verandahs with comfortable sitting areas and excellent views onto the river.


Game Drives

We offer options for day or night drives with Toyota Landcruisers with a "window" seat for everyone. All our vehicles have an open top affording you a vision of total 360 degree.


The walks are led by our very knowledgeable guides, and escorted by an armed National Park scout. Feel at one with nature and get closer to the action, see the details and signs that the animals leave behind. A vehicle with a canopy can be requested but is subject to availability.

Seasonal Hide

During the drier part of the year (Late August - October) we set up our hippo hide, on the river bank overlooking a pod of hippos. This is a popular drinking spot for an array of wildlife too..

Village Tours

A visit to Kawaza Village and the schools is often remembered years later by our guests as the most rewarding part of their visit to Africa. This gives a more holistic experience of the Luangwa Valley.

Wildlife Education Centre

A charitable trust for the school children of the Luangwa Valley to teach them about wildlife and conservation.

Tribal Textiles

For unique locally produced hand-painted textiles, drawing inspiration from the stunning Zambian wildlife and surroundings. A perfect place to buy a souvenir or two of your Zambian experience.

Viewing Hide

Luangwa Safari House is teeming with wildlife and what better way to take advantage of this activity than by spending some time in the hide which is sunken into the ground in front of the house giving you a completely new angle when viewing wildlife.


South Luangwa is a paradise for wildlife lovers, with game species including elephant, buffalo, hippos, giraffe, leopards, and lions and over 450 species of birds. Several antelope species are found in large numbers, especially the puku and impala. Also, to be found in huge herds are buffalo and elephants.

Lion, spotted hyena, leopard, and wild dogs are the main predators. Though the park is popularly known as ‘valley of the leopards’, lions are actually more widely and easily seen.

There are 3 species of herbivores which are endemic to the park; there are Crawshay’s zebra (subspecies of the more common plains zebra), Thornicroft’s giraffe (distinguished by its different coloration which is more striking than other species found in the rest of Southern Africa) and Cookson’s wildebeest (slightly smaller than blue wildebeest with slightly reddish bands).

Keen birders are treated to over 450 bird species in the Luangwa. The Emerald Season is perfect time to see the most species, as the migratory birds are around. Huge breeding colony of yellow-billed storks are a highlight during this season in our Nsefu Sector. Then later in the year from about September to end October/November, we have the carmine bee-eater nesting along the riverbanks of the Luangwa – an amazing and colourful site to be seen.

Tena Tena Camp
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